Hair Colouring

affinageAffinage permanent hair colour range features DATEM Technology. This means our colours have greater lifting ability with lower levels of peroxide so it’s better for your hair.

affinage_model_2UV filters and Intensive built in conditioners mean longer lasting colours with visible shine, brilliance and great condition.

From crisp clean blondes to vivid vibrant reds, Affinage’s colour range plus intensifiers allow us to be really creative with colour, creating personalised tones just for you.

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd with vibrant contrasting block colours or to subtly enhance your natural tones, there’s a colouring technique out there for you.

We recommend to have Olaplex treatment added into your colour services!

Olaplex is an add in treatment that works in stages.

Step 1 is added into your colour so works as your colour is processing. It helps to minimise the stress your hair undertakes and helps to maintain your bonds within the hair, keeping the integrity of your hair and minimising any potential damage. It also means that if we are lightening your hair we can achieve a brighter and more even lift.

Step 2 is carried out once the colour has been taken off and helps to rebuild the previously coloured hair sealing in all the goodness and helps to smooth the mid-lengths and ends.

Step 3 is a take home treatment where you can do a stand alone treatment that replicates the step 2. This helps you maintain the health of the hair and protect from the environmental factors our hair is exposed to.

Olaplex in salon treatment.

this is an in-salon treatment which you can have done in-between your colour services. This will help to repair any damaged hair by concentrating on the mid-lengths to ends of your hair.

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