Hair Repair Treatments

Milkshake’s Integrity Reconstruction System

The innovative reconstruction system that restores the hair’s essential components to give back its maximum beauty potential. It’s special formula doesn’t weigh the the hair down making this treatment suitable for all damaged hair types.

Hair is damaged when it is missing one of its structural components, which are keratin, proteins and amino acids. A treatment is needed to restore the hairs fundamental components. When these structural components are applied in the right concentration, they repair the hair, make it healthy strong and shiny from the very first application.


The integrity rebuilder is an intensive treatment and is the most important step as it is the start of the reconstruction for your new healthy perfect hair. This treatment, combined with heat, nourishes damaged hair deeply without weighing it down and preparing the hair for the next step.


The fibre sealant is a nourishing sealing treatment for the hair. The external layer of the hair needs protection that allows precious ingredients to stay within the hair. Milkshakes integrity fibre sealant contains naturally-sourced proteins and amino acids that give the hair its natural structural components.


Milkshakes leave in treatment spray contains keratin, naturally sourced proteins and amino acids. Once the hair has been reconstructed from step A and B it is important that it receives nourishment and hydration. The leave in treatment gives strength and consistency to the hair without weighing the hair down, increasing manageability.

Our recommendation for this treatment is every six weeks depending on hair type. Milkshakes integrity treatment can be carried out before a colour service or 72 hours after a colour.


Olaplex is known as the original bond builder, it repairs the broken bonds and rejuvenates the hair from the inside out. From curly to straight hair, Olaplex is suitable and beneficial for all hair types.

Here at synergy we offer a range of olaplaex treatments they include;

Deluxe cut and blow dry includes olaplex No2
Stand alone Olaplex including No1 and No2
Olaplex treatment included in colours
Olaplex blonde express tone and repair treatment
Olaplex treatment included in perms 

 We recommend to have a stand alone Olaplex treatment 2 or 3 weeks before a colour or perm to protect your hair to the maximum potential and keep your hair strong and healthy. We do offer Olaplex within colour services as well so that your hair is always protected.