Milk_shake K-Respect Keratin System

Milk_shake K-respect Keratin System is the innovative Keratin Smoothing and Anti-frizz system with precious oils from the Amazon Rainforest that is suitable for all hair types.

Its special formula guarantees maximum performance to eliminate frizz and give smooth hair for longer. The treatment is safe and respects current legislation to respect the health of the hairdresser and the client.

Its innovative packaging is also environmentally friendly by reducing the amount and volume of plastic considerably.

Types of Treatment Available

The Milk_shake k-Respect System works on smoothing the hair. however it will not improve the internal structure or condition of the hair. Therefore to get the best results you may have to improve the internal condition of your hair before having your smoothing treatment. We currently have the Milk_shake integrity reconstruction system available to aid this along with Olaplex treatments also. You can discuss with your stylist on consultation if you need any of these options depending on your individual requirements. Each service will be quoted individually depending on hair length and thickness. Please contact the salon to have your initial free consultation.

Perfectly Straight Silky Hair Service

This service is ideal for clients who want straight hair. It gives it shine and makes hair easy to manage at home. It last from 3 to 5 months, depending on hair type and aftercare. The way in which it lasts is that it works on all of the hair and gradually reduces its effectiveness over a period of time so you don’t get he frizzy regrowth which you could possibly get if your hair is permenantly straightened.

Anti-Frizz Service

This service is ideal for clients who want to remove volume and frizz. This service helps to improve the hairs shine and making it easier to manage at home. This service can last from 3 to 5 months depending on hair type and aftercare.

Perfect Curls Service

This service is for you if you love your curls but just want greater control. It will eliminate the frizz and enhance the shine. This service with last up to 3 months depending on hair type and aftercare.

Regenerating Service

This service is for clients who love the shape of their hair but, want to eliminate the frizz. This service helps to improve the shine and body. It will last approximately 4 weeks depending on your hair type and aftercare. Making it the perfect service to have for going on holiday and taming those locks.


To maintain the result of your service for longer, it’s essential to use the at home maintenance products from the Milk_shake k-Respect range. With this in mind the products are eco-practical. With the first purchase of each product you will receive a reusable container. therfore only needing to repurchase refill pouches in the future.