Synergy Straightening System

Do you spend ages blow drying your hair straight only for it to frizz up and curl in the rain?
Would you love to have straight hair?

Then you will benefit from a Synergy Straightening Treatment

Imagine…. No more frizz! 

Your hair will be smooth and frizz free with 85% of the volume reduced. Partial straightening is available for areas such as fringes.

This service works by permanently changing the structure of the bonds in your hair. Leaving it smooth, frizz free and easier to manage.
Please book in for a 15 minute consultation so we can assess how much time we will need and which variant to use.


It has made such a difference to my morning routine it takes half the time.
I also wear my hair down a lot more now.  – Amanda

Having my hair straightened has changed my life! I’m much more confident when I go out now and my hair goes right every time. – Amy