IT WORKS! Toning Applicator

Tighten,Tone & Firm in 10 Different Ways!


Visible, lasting and fast acting It Works! body contouring applicator is a cloth wrap infused with an exclusive herbal blend that harnesses the detoxifying and anti-ageing benefits of all natural active ingredients to tighten, tone, firm and improve the appearance of your skin in as little as 45 MINUTES!

Available now in salon, individually, in pairs or a box of 4!

You can wrap tummies, bums, thighs, lower legs, ankles, arms, back , neck, chin and chest anywhere you want!  One is considered a sample, 4 a full treatment and 12 a transformation.  Results last 2-6 months along side a healthy lifestyle.  

Soften the look of lines and wrinkles , nourish your skin  & lift and tone your face, by using the deeply hydrating Facial wrap   It’s so easy,  just open up the packet ,apply , wait 45 minutes  increase the benefits by begining with an exfoliating facial peel …samples are available for £5   

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